Using your own league's scoring system, WAC will forecast your starting lineup score and your competitor's score as well. You'll get it straight - regardless of if you're a huge favorite or a major underdog, WAC is going to put it on the line.

WAC will offer you some ideas and hints on how you can increase your odds of victory that week. How much risk should you take? WAC will tell you. What tricks of the trade might you want to consider? WAC will give you this type of advice and more. WAC's goal is to make sure you get a "W" that week! And, WAC's advice is all based on your league's scoring rules. At a very minimum, WAC is a big time saver!

In addition, WAC will carefully examine the alternative players you have identified. So be sure to enter your best bench players and/or Free Agent options.

When WAC reports back findings on your lineup alternatives, it considers a number of factors including how close your game looks, the upside lift you might get from the alternative player and more. WAC Free Agent advice is based on examining over 1500 case studies.