To get started with the DraftKings Lineup Generator, simply select a group of players at each position that you are considering for your lineups or just click "OPTIMIZE".

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Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez teaches you how to use the DraftKings Lineup Generator. You can also read more about the tool below.

How to Apply the DraftKings Lineup Generator to Your Decision Making

One of the most exciting and useful elements of the DraftKings Lineup Generator is the ability to optimize a team using any of 4for4's projection models: standard, ceiling or floor. Without even choosing a player pool, the optimize function will give you the highest possible projected team based on 4for4's award-winning projections. Taken a step further, the DraftKings Lineup Generator gives you the option to lock in your favorite players and optimize a team around those selections. 

While the optimizer does produce fantastic lineups, we would not recommend blindly plugging in a lineup into a DFS contest. Rather, the optimize function is a great tool to help recognize value that you may have overlooked otherwise and include those value plays in your player pool, which can include up to 50 individual players and will generate the top 50 projected lineups.

In addition to selecting individual players for your player pool, the DraftKings Lineup generator includes filters for fantasy point projections, salary, Vegas lines, home and away, or even entire teams. 

Finally, you can save any lineup directly into the DraftKings Lineup Generator to come back to later or export up to 500 lineups into a CSV file to be easily uploaded to DraftKings.