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Auction Analyzer is the most powerful draft software available, offering personalized auction advice updated after every pick based on 4for4's award-winning projections and Auction Analyzer's customized auction values.

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Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez teaches you how to use Auction Analyzer. You can also read more about the tool below.

How Auction Analyzer Works

You'll be able to track auction value by position throughout the draft and understand exactly where draft inflation is taking place. On draft day, you'll have access to the following key information:

  • Projected fantasy points (based on your scoring rules)
  • Customized suggested auction values
  • Dynamic value-based metrics, such as projected fantasy points per dollar spent
  • Real-time tracking of dollars spent for every team
  • Roster tracking for all fantasy teams and NFL teams
  • Custom auction weights for starters and individual positions
  • And much more!

Once you import a league into Auction Analyzer, you can immediately begin to use Auction Analyzer's, which is powered by 4for4's award-winning projections. On the day of your draft, Auction Analyzer does all the heavy lifting for you. Each draft pick is automatically imported from your online draft into the Auction Analyzer software and Auction Analyzer dynamically optimizes your draft and optimal roster with every pick.