Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez illustrates how to use the Trade Analyzer/Lineup Grader. You can also read more about the Trade Analyzer/Lineup Grader below. 

Try Trade Analyzer/Lineup Grader now!!

Before using the Trade Analyzer/Lineup Grader, enter your league settings and save your league in the Full Impact hub. Once you have done that, select your league from the "Select League" drop down menu, which comes with several pre-canned scoring setups which are designated by [fi].

This app uses the "Weekly Assistant Coach" (WAC) to grade your lineups and evaluate trades.

As a Lineup Grader (draft evaluation):

  • Fill in your starting lineup and another team's lineup in your league. The report will show you projected points by player and team.

As a Trade Analyzer:

  • Fill in your starting lineup as it is BEFORE the proposed trade. Likewise put in your Trade-Partners starting lineup reflecting his roster before the proposed trade (system note: you can not have the same player on both teams while doing a run).
  • Run the report, take note of both team's starting lineup score at the bottom.
  • Next, go back and fill in both your team's starting lineup and your Trading Partners lineup assuming you pulled off the trade. Again, take note of both team's starting lineup score.

After the trade, does your starting lineup produce more or less points? Did your trading partners team improve? Who improved more? WAC does all the number crunching for you and the results fit your scoring system and your situation. By running your lineups before and after the trade, you can see if you get stronger or weaker.