FULL IMPACT has been built to work with forecasting models that have been PROVEN on thousands of NFL games going back to the early 1990's.

Be careful you don't fall into a trap: "the more input options a tool gives you, the more it will help you win!" 

Other prediction tools may offer input options for the rarest of NFL events and give you a slick interface for all kinds of items. 

But the truth is, any Preseason Drafting tool that factors in 2pt conversions, 300-yard passing games, defenses pitching a shut out, run the risk of being "precise" --- "precisely wrong." 

They look good on the surface, but that's not what counts. These tools are playing to a rather gullible audience. Be careful. 

No NFL analyst worth his salt believes a proven method to model and predict all of the rare NFL events at such a level that it will actually impact player values for a season really exists. 

A tool that can accurately predict how many games a Team Defense will give up 0-points, 2-5 points, 6-10 points and so on over an entire season (before the season starts) just doesn't exist!