You can closely approximate that system. But, it will take a little math on your part. In turn, you'll certainly be the only person in your league with a really precise handle on exactly how valuable players are for YOUR league.   

We'll review how you can do this for RB-yards. Be sure to follow the process for the other stats as well.  Below, we'll use numbers to keep the math as straight forward as possible. When you apply this, be sure to use the parameters from your league.

Lets say you get 100-points for having the best RB-Yards team. Lets say you start 5-RBs and have a 10-team league.

First, go back and collect data 8+ weeks from last year (more would be better, less might still be fine).

Determine what the average #1 RB-Yardage team generates.  


 #1 RB-Yardage Team averages 350-yards per week.  

Next, turn that into an average per player....  

#1 RB-Yardage Team = 350/5 = 70-yds per RB   

So, if a player can average 70-yards he fits the profile of a winning RB-Yardage team.

In this example we get, 

70-yds = 100pts/5 = 20 points.  In general, the formula is:  POINTS / (# Contributing Players on that team).  

Now, you have benchmarks!    70-yds = 20 points!  

Next, apply the benchmarks at 20% intervals (20% is a suggested ballpark number).

140% x (benchmark yds)  to    999% x (benchmark yds)   =   160% of Benchmark Points

120% x (benchmark yds)  to    140% x (benchmark yds)   =   140% of Benchmark Points

100% x (benchmark yds)  to    120% x (benchmark yds)   =   120% of Benchmark Points

80% x (benchmark yds)    to    100% x (benchmark yds)   =   100% of Benchmark Points

60% x (benchmark yds)    to    80% x (benchmark yds)     =   80% of Benchmark Points

40% x (benchmark yds)    to    60% x (benchmark yds)     =   60% of Benchmark Points

20% x (benchmark yds)    to    40% x (benchmark yds)     =   40% of Benchmark Points

0% x (benchmark yds)     to     20% x (benchmark yds)     =   20% of Benchmark Points  

So, for this example, the final FULL IMPACT
RB Yardage Scoring Table would look like this...