"In our league a player gets 1 point for each 10 yards rushing, 2 points for each 25 yards receiving, 2 bonus points for 100 yards receiving and rushing combined, and 1 additional bonus point for 150 receiving and rushing yards combined. How do I represent this in your rules?"

Full Impact can nail this 100%.

Just break down each point total to it's base factor:

1 point for 10 rushing yards = 1 point for 10 yards (duh)

2 points for 25 receiving yards = 1 point for every 12.5 yards

2 bonus points at 100 combined yards and another at 150 combined yards = 1 point for every 50 yards. (Approximates total scoring well)

Then mark each category as such:

10 yards per point in Rushing

12.5 yards per point in Receiving

50 yards per point in Combo

This will give you custom analysis for your league. You'll have an advantage each week of the season.