Note: The Draft Simulator is currently under development. You may have better results utilizing Draft Analyzer as your mock draft tool.

"I tried your draft simulator and found that during the draft more positions were drafted than what was allowed per team roster. Our league roster allows 2 QB; 4 RB; 4 WR; 2 TE; 2 K; 2 Def. When the draft was over some teams had 5 QB's and 1 TE or were over in some positions and short at others. Is it possible to set guidelines so that the draft only selects players that fill the roster requirements set by your league?"

The Draft Simulator is actually considering your target number of starters. But in the later rounds, it goes after the best value picks (so for example it often passes over a kicker to get a decent backup QB, etc...). So if you have 1-QB starter, it is possible the Simulator may draft two or more (and avoid a dime-a-dozen kicker).

Right now, Simulator does not allow for: 'you must pick X-number and can not go over Y-picks, by position).

Keep in mind the Simulator Report Card really focuses on your starting lineup, so as you try the tool and experiment, keep focused on your team scores from simulation to simulation (the last few picks rarely disrupt that portion of the exercise).