Note: The Draft Simulator is currently under development. You may have better results utilizing Draft Analyzer as your mock draft tool.

Short answer...  
Understand your comments 100%. Try the Simulator in "ADP Mode."

Long answer...
Keep in mind when the Simulator is in "Computer Strategy Mode" the goal is to have you drafting the best team possible (not to mirror the exact nature of what your league may or may not be doing).

So, does your score keep getting better each time you use the Simulator? Do you beat the Simulator or is it the other way around? Again the focus is what you are doing to draft the best team possible.

All that said, ....

The Simulator looks for value and it considers your starting lineup needs. Perhaps the Simulator going after a WR in the 4th round is suggesting something about your league and how to draft.

Also, try experimenting with your Simulator inputs, even if they don't 100% match your league. The idea being we want you prepared for all kinds of situations during your LIVE draft. That way, while the others are forced to be thinking on their feet, you'll have plenty of experience and it will be automatic.

The goal is not to have the Simulator draft like you want, your goal is to draft the best team.

Finally, for example, the Simulator might be loading up on WRs or RBs because it finds the most value in those spots. If you really don't like that, tell the Simulator you require more starters at QB and TE (even if that's not 100% true). By doing this, you can train the Simulator to do what you want. But, be careful... again we want you prepared for ANYTHING that comes your way on Draft Day.

We want you to understand the trade-offs of going RB-RB or QB-WR etc... And we don't want you thinking on the fly (like the guy next to you). If you spend time with the current Simulator and study results you'll be learning the trade-offs.