"We won't be having a live online draft, and instead, can only select draft picks by creating a predraft list. The computer actually runs the draft for us, picking all starting positions first in order from the predraft list, then filling up the bench with six players. Would you suggest using the Value Based Rankings list generated by 4for4 for my league rules as my predraft list?

We suggest you work with the Value Based Rankings as your guide and also consider Average Draft Position (ADP) in submitting your final rankings. 

EX: If the VBR app is rating a player very high, but his ADP isn't that high, you don't need to rank that player as high in your final list. However, moving a very valuable starter down in your rankings does come with risk (still that risk brings plenty of reward potential). 

Putting together a well-designed draft strategy, having a backup plan, anticipating your competitor's moves and identifying bargains in each round is a lot of work. But, if you really want to win, it's essential. You want to draft highly ranked players just before they're selected by one of your opponents. In the process, you'll want to target and draft players that give you valuable starts -- a starting lineup that will consistently outscore your opponent's starters.