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Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez teaches you how to use the Auction Cheat Sheet. You can also read more about the tool below.

Try Auction Cheat Sheet now!!! 

To get started generating your customized Auction Cheat Sheet, enter your league settings and save your league in the Leaguesync. Once you have done that, use the configurator to tell us how many teams are in your league and select your league from the "Choose your league" dropdown menu, which comes with several pre-canned scoring setups. Finally, enter your bank size as well as the percentage of your bank that you would like to spend on your starters (for more information on Starters Spend % and position inputs, read ahead). 

The application will give you the Maximum Suggested Bid ($) for every available player, tailored for your specific league settings.

Note: The bid values are not what suggests you actually spend, as you always want to spend as little as possible on a given player.

More on Selecting Starters and Percentages to Spend

For bankroll, we recommend you spend 90% on your starters, and 10% on reserves. This is a fairly aggressive strategy -- if you want a deeper roster, try 85% or 80% instead. You will have to sacrifice some quality in your starting lineup, however.

Your position numbers do not need to be your starting lineup requirement.

Example #1: You may only start two RBs in your league, however you may want your core roster to contain three stud RBs and you're willing to bid that way. If so, enter 3 for RBs (not 2).

Example #2: You may start one TE in your league, but don't want to focus your bidding on a TE. In this case, enter 0.5 for TE (not 1).

Example #3: If your league starts 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a flex, but you'd like to tilt your flex towards the RB position, enter 2.7 and 2.3 for RB and WR, respectively.

If you're not sure how to balance your team and focus your roster, enter values that most closely approximate your league's typical starting lineup. The default methodology will work for just about any league setup.

Feel free to experiment with several options and find the one that fits your overall team management philosophy.

Kickers: Let someone else overpay for a kicker. Your goal should be to get a good kicker with a minimum bid. One trick is to nominate a kicker in the #5-#10 range using your minimum bid early in the draft. You'll often win the auction as other fantasy owners are focused on other positions.

Defense: Expect to pay 1%-1.5% of your bankroll on an elite DT. If you are comfortable with using the waiver wire to change your defenses week to week, look for a mediocre defense with good matchups early in the season and spend no more than $1.

The number one driving factor for auction bids is the default prices from the site you are playing on. More than any other format, auction results are highly dependent on your league. That said, know your league and how they plan to draft. If the prices seem wildly high, that indicates you can get good value on the top players, and players in your league are probably overvaluing lower tiered players.