Sortable Rankings and Projections offer a positional breakdown of rankings, projected stats, and corresponding fantasy points based on your individual league settings. 

Use the Sortable Rankings and Projections now!!

Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez illustrates how to customize rankings and projections for your specific league settings. You can also read more about the Sortable Rankings and Projections below.

Once you’ve saved your league in the LeagyeSync, you will see that league available in the drop-down menu on the rankings page along with several pre-canned scoring setups. After selecting your league from the drop-down, 4for4’s award winning projections will be used to generate a report that includes all relevant stats and fantasy rankings for every position, optimized for your specific league size, roster requirements and scoring format.

All data is separated by position and is sortable by any of the following categories:

  • Positional Ranking
  • Player
  • Team
  • Projected Fantasy Points
  • All relevant positional statistics
  • Bye Week
  • 10-team and 12-team ADP, updated regularly 

These rankings can be easily exported into a CSV format for you Excel/data wizards out there.