The MFL10 ADP Draft Planner integrates actual MFL10 draft data from MyFantasyLeague to provide up-to-date availability for players at any point in the draft.

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Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez teaches you how to use the MFL10 ADP Draft Planner. You can also read more about the tool below.

How the MFL10 ADP Draft Planner Works

By selecting a specific round and draft pick, along with up to five players at their current ADP, the planner will provide historical MFL10 availability of each individual player along with the availability of "at least one" in the group. Since positional availability is often interdependent (i.e. if Player A is not available, Player B is more likely to be there), having access to this actual availability is invaluable when sketching out a draft plan. 


Applying the MFL10 ADP Draft Planner to Your Drafts

The point of the MFL10 ADP Draft Planner is to provide you with concrete numbers on how confident you can be about a player's’ availability at your given draft slot. Instead of waiting until you are on the clock to make roster decisions, you can plan rounds ahead of time for your target players.

Imagine that two of your favorite targets in the draft are Russell Wilson and Frank Gore. You have the fourth pick in the seventh round, which is right about where both players are being drafted, on average. If you put your pick into the Draft Planner and select Wilson and Gore, you will see that there is a 47 percent chance that Wilson will be available at 7.04, but just a 38 percent chance that Gore will fall. Since ADP is just an average, the Draft Planner shows us that Wilson’s ADP tends to fluctuate more than Gore’s. If you want a chance at drafting both players, the percentages say to draft Gore first, and there is a decent chance that Wilson might still fall to you.