The ADP Draft Day Sleepers highlights the top bargains for your league optimization settings by comparing differences in ADP to John Paulsen’s award-winning rankings.

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How the ADP Draft Day Sleepers Tool Works

With 4for4’s ability to optimize player values based on league structure, users can get a customized value for every player no matter the league size, roster makeup, or scoring system in the form of a Bargain Score. The Bargain Score subtracts a player’s 4for4 rank from their ADP rank -- the higher the Bargain Score, the better the value. This is especially useful compared to simply referencing a list of static rankings which may cause owners to make suboptimal decisions if those rankings are used in drafts across various types of leagues.

It should be noted that the highest bargain scores will often be close to undraftable because the consensus is so low on them. In these cases, users can target these players towards the very end of a draft or consider them for early season waiver pick ups. 


Applying the ADP Draft Day Sleepers Tool to Your Research

Sleepers are not going to be the same across all of your leagues, and the ADP Draft Day Sleepers Tool will pinpoint which players are values in your various leagues. Assume you are looking for late-round running back targets in two different 12-team leagues -- one league implements standard scoring and starts two running backs and two wide receivers, while the other league uses PPR scoring and starts two running backs, three wide receivers and a flex.

In the standard league, Adrian Peterson has an ADP of 138, but is ranked by 4for4 as the 32nd running back and 67th player overall, giving Peterson a Bargain Score of +71, the second best value of any running back that is likely to be drafted.

Optimized for PPR leagues with an expanded roster, the Draft Day Sleepers Tool recognizes Chris Thompson as the best running back value that is likely to get drafted, ranked as the 34th running back and 86th overall, against an ADP of 209 for a Bargain Score of +123.

Uses for the ADP Draft Day Sleepers tool go far beyond this specific example, but the ability to optimize values for any league type or roster size is a feature that is invaluable to research leading up to your fantasy football drafts.