Draft Day Do’s and Don’ts integrates 4for4’s award-winning projections to produce a list of guidelines for each round of your fantasy draft.

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How the Draft Day Do’s and Don’ts Tool Works

By optimizing to your league settings, the Do’s and Don’ts Tool recognizes how valuable each player is relative to the entire player pool and highlights when certain players are values and when they might be reaches. Rather than simply comparing rankings to ADP, the Do’s and Don’ts Tool generates unbiased thresholds for when players should be drafted based on their relative value.


Applying the Draft Day Do’s and Don’ts to Your Draft

The point of the Draft Day Do’s and Don’ts tool is to offer a tangible set of rules that can’t be found with even the best cheat sheets. Imagine that you have a top 200 cheat sheet, but you have two drafts on the same day -- one league rosters two RBs, two WRs and no flex, while the other league rosters two RBs, three WRs, and a RB/WR Flex. 

A rankings sheet might tell you who will score the most points, but not how valuable a player is given your different roster settings. The Do’s and Don’ts tool does just that, and it changes dynamically throughout the offseason based on changes in player projections. Since the do’s and don’ts are ordered by round, they are an easy reference throughout your draft.

If you are someone that loads up on mock drafts throughout the offseason, you’ll surely start to come across the same players in seemingly every mock that you aren’t sure if you should be taking at their ADP or not. The Draft Day Do’s and Don’ts tool will eliminate those questions and have you prepared for all of your drafts.