The Offense KnowledgeSeeker tracks every offensive stat for all teams over their last five games and can help determine if a team is trending up or down in the passing game or on the ground, as well as pinpoint which players have been the biggest contributors at each position over recent weeks.

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How to Apply the Offense KnowledgeSeeker to Your Research

A snapshot of every player’s contribution to their team can be especially helpful when it comes to roster decisions such as which running back should be targeted in a committee or which receiver is the true number two on a team. By looking at the previous five weeks of data, there is enough of a sample size that 4for4 users can confidently assess if a recent hot streak is an actual trend or if a team or player just had a recent stroke of luck.

This information can have both season long and DFS implications. Owners that are considering a trade or waiver wire pick up might reference the Offense KnowledgeSeeker to determine if a player’s recent production has been a product of volume, while DFS players might uncover a player that is underpriced based on their volume that hasn’t yet turned into fantasy points. 


The Offense KnowledgeSeeker in Action

Consider the 2015 New York Giants backfield. Through 13 weeks, Rashad Jennings and Shane Vereen had shared backfield responsibilities, averaging 12 and nine touches per game, respectively. In Weeks 14-16, though, Jennings averaged 19 touches per game, compared to under six per for Vereen. Because Jennings hadn’t broken 15 PPR fantasy points in any of those games and was actually outscored by Vereen in Week 15, few fantasy owners had taken notice.

Going into the final week of the season, New York was facing a Philadelphia defense that ranked 30th in 4for4 Schedule Adjusted Fantasy Points Allowed to running backs and Jennings was priced at just $3700 on DraftKings, 34th at his position. 

Users of the 4for4 Offense KnowldegeSeeker likely noticed Jennings recent uptick in usage as well as Vereen’s waning touches and took a flyer on Jennings, given his affordable price tag. Rashad Jennings went on to score 28.6 DK points and lead all back in scoring in Week 17, likely resulting in many profitable lineups for anyone that rostered him.

This is just one example of how powerful the Offense KnowledgeSeeker can be in making roster decisions throughout the season, but like many of the tools and reports at 4for4 Fantasy Football, the applications go far beyond this example and extend to all positions.