The 4for4 Fantasy Football Target Report highlights targets for all position players from the previous two weeks. 

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Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez teaches you how to use the Target Report. You can also read more about the Target Report below.

How the Target Report Gives you an Edge Over the Competition

This report can serve as one of the best indicators for possible breakout candidates throughout the season. Players that are heavily targeted in their team’s passing game but haven’t been scoring many fantasy points are often undervalued assets based on their given opportunity. 

Because other fantasy owners tend to focus on recent fantasy production rather than actual opportunity, the Target Report can assist owners in finding sneaky starts, cheap waiver wire pickups, buy low trade candidates, or players that are underpriced on DFS sites. 

By looking at the last two weeks, rather than just the previous week, the Target Report can spot trends before they are obvious to other fantasy owners, but also breaks down whether a player is actually trending up or if they just had one game of heavy usage. 


The Target Report in Action

Imagine over the last two weeks, two players have 15 targets each. One player posted consecutive games of 12 targets and three targets, while the other player saw consecutive games of eight targets and seven targets. The former player may have had one fluky high volume week, while the latter might be trending toward a steady workload.

The Target Report also accounts for percent of team targets, which helps puts a player's workload into context. Two players with 10 targets each in the same week are not necessarily the same. If one player’s team threw 50 times, while the other’s threw just 30, the player on the high volume team likely won’t increase his production, and might even see his production wane if his team’s passing volume decreases. On the other hand, the player that accounted for 30% of his team’s targets might be in line for a huge game if and when his team faces a weak passing defense or ends up in a shootout. 

This is just one of the many tools that can be referenced weekly at 4for4 Fantasy Football that assist fantasy owners in gaining an edge over their competition.