The Player Snap App is a customizable search engine that displays snap and fantasy scoring efficiency data for a specified number of weeks for all teams and skill positions.

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How to Apply the Player Snap App to Your Decision Making

By highlighting snap totals over a specific time frame and listing snap percentages for each week, the Player Snap App helps spot trends based on increased or decreased fantasy opportunity.

If a player is expected to see increased playing time or their playing time has been trending upward, the Fantasy Point per snap data highlights whether or not that player has been an efficient fantasy scorer when they have been given opportunities. 

While many fantasy football owners tend to focus on fantasy points scored, users of the Player Snap App can recognize real trends and decipher whether or not a player has been lucky of late or has real long term value.


The Player Snap App in Action

Going into Week 15 of the 2015 season, two running backs, James Starks and David Johnson, were seemingly both great starting options in the fantasy playoffs. Starks had scored double digit fantasy points in five of his previous six games, while David Johnson was coming of of consecutive 17+ point games.

In fact, the two running backs had compiled an identical 37.3 PPR fantasy points over the last two weeks and had similarly favorable matchups going into Week 15. Looking at the Player Snap App though, users would have noticed that David Johnson had played 75% of his team’s snaps during his two week hot streak, while Starks had played just 43% of Green Bay’s snaps over the last four weeks with no more than 49% of the snaps in any single game.

Johnson went on to score 44.9 PPR points in Week 15 and 66.6 points over the last two weeks of the fantasy playoffs, while Starks failed to break double digit points in any of the Packers’ final three games.

With similar applications to any skill position and access to fantasy points per snap data, the Player Snap App goes far beyond this single example, but this instance highlights how powerful the app can be in turning research into fantasy wins.