The Fantasy Points Browser allows users to find and compare fantasy scoring data for all major scoring systems for all positions over a specific time range within any season, going back to 2013.

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Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez teaches you how to use the Fantasy Points Browser. You can also read more about the Fantasy Points Browser below.

Why the Fantasy Points Browser is Unique

The Fantasy Points Browser is able to filter for each team, position, and week and displays the fantasy points for each of the last four weeks of the selected range as well as the total fantasy points and fantasy points per game average for that time range.

This tool is especially useful for looking up fantasy scoring data for a range of non-consecutive weeks, data that can often only be found through manual calculations. Usually when looking up fantasy points, fantasy football owners often find two reports: last week’s points, and cumulative points for an entire season. For a lot of research, both leading up to fantasy drafts and in-season, these reports do not suffice. Some of the best nuggets of information come from looking at how players performed over a specific time period or over individual, sometimes non-consecutive, weeks. 


The Fantasy Points Browser in Action

In 2015, Alshon Jeffery finished as the WR42 in terms of PPR leagues, but he only played nine, non-consecutive games. If you want to know exactly how many fantasy points Alshon scored compared to the rest of the league only for the weeks in which he was active, the Fantasy Points Browser allows you to select only those weeks (1, 6, 8-10, 12-15) and see scoring data for every receiver in the league for those games. When active, Jefferey actually ranked seventh among all wideouts in PPR leagues. When making crucial decisions, such has how to tier your players going into your fantasy draft, going beyond total fantasy points scored or fantasy points per game can give owners a league winning advantage.

Uses for the Fantasy Points Browser go far beyond this specific example, but the ability to manipulate specific time frames for fantasy research should be embraced by anyone that is looking to take their fantasy football game to the next level.