The Hot Spots Tool takes Schedule Adjusted Fantasy Points Allowed (aFPA) and provides strength of schedule analysis for every team against every position at a glance.

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Watch as 4for4 expert TJ Hernandez teaches you how to use Hot Spots. You can also read more about Hot Spots below.

How Hot Spots Work

By color coding strong and weak defenses, users can get a quick understanding of a team’s upcoming matchups in the near future or over the course of an entire season. 

Unlike the aFPA page, where we usually just want to see one specific matchup, Team Level Hot Spots gives us a glimpse into the future, which is especially helpful for analyzing draft picks, trades, or waiver wire pickups. Outside of specific week matchups, Hot Spots also gives average SOS for two and three week playoff structures and the rest of the season (ROS), stats that are especially useful for teams fighting for a playoff spot in their league or dealing at the trade deadline.

With links to each position for both standard and PPR scoring, users can quickly jump to their position of interest for their specific scoring system.


Applying Hot Spots to Your Fantasy Research

Player Level Hot Spots is presented and works exactly like Team Level Hot Spots but lists individual players rather than the team. Users that have a specific player in mind to evaluate for a trade or waiver pickup might gravitate to the Player Level Hot Spots over the Team Level, though the two can be used virtually interchangeably.

The Team Offense Hot Spots report is especially worth noting on its own. This report gives a broad look at a team’s overall offensive matchups. If a fantasy owner is considering starting multiple players from one offense or making a trade that includes a bundle from the same team, this report serves as a valuable tool to see if a specific offense will face teams that are generally bad all around on defense. 

For DFS purposes, this broad perspective on matchups can serve as a decision point if you are considering stacking two or more players from the same team, especially if you are pondering a non- traditional correlation play, such as a RB and WR.

Team Defense Hot Spots serves as an essential tool when deciding which DST you might roster on either draft day or as a waiver wire pick up mid-season. Owners who plan on streaming DST will find this tool very useful for quickly identifying poor offenses that surrender a lot of fantasy points to opposing DST. For those in very deep leagues, this tool is especially useful for pinpointing a DST that you can roster for multiple weeks at a time, or beating the rest of your league to the punch on a DST that has a favorable matchup in the upcoming weeks.