4for4 Beginner's Guide.4for4.com provides a variety of player rankings and projections to fit different league needs and settings. Here's a brief rundown of some of our key offerings:

  1. 4for4 Rankings/Projections (Half-PPR): Our official rankings are based on each player's statistical projections using Half-Points Per Reception (Half-PPR) scoring rules. For further explanation of this scoring method, you can refer to the 4for4 Beginner's Guide.

  2. Customized Top 200 Rankings: If your league follows the Half-PPR scoring, 4for4 can create a customized top 200 list tailored to your league's specific size and starting lineup requirements. This is an excellent starting point if you're interested in understanding how different positions are valued in your league.

  3. Draft Hero: This tool utilizes our official 4for4 player projections to create custom analysis based on your league's rules. Unlike static cheat sheets, Draft Hero dynamically adjusts a player's value in real-time during your draft. It considers various factors including your scoring rules, overall league needs for each position, each team's specific need before they draft, and how a player compares to the rest at his position.

  4. Custom Top 200 Keeper Rankings: For keeper leagues, we offer Custom Keeper League Rankings. These rankings are generated based on your league rules and your team management philosophy, assisting you in making strategic decisions whether you're aiming for immediate wins or building a formidable team over the next 2-3 years.

  5. Custom Auction Value Cheatsheet: If your league conducts auctions, our custom cheatsheet offers player values based on your league size and starting lineup requirements. Whether your league has a cap of $100, $200, or $400, this cheatsheet is a powerful tool to help dominate your auction.