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FantasyDraft Lineup Generator

Navigate to your desired Lineup Generator. Build out your player pool <insert link to player pool FAQ>. Click the Lineups tab. Click 'Result Set Strategy'. Narrow filters down based on certain criteria. Set mix or max salary. For example: only lineups with salaries between $18,900 and $50,000. The following options are also available:

Lineup options

Avoid defenses on opposing teams

Avoid RBs on same team

Avoid RBs on opposing teams

Avoid RB and QB on same team

Avoid RB & pass-catchers (WR/TE) on same team

Stacking options

Set mix or max player stack

Lineups must contain QB/Pass-catcher (WR/TE) stacks

Lineups must contain RB/DEF stacks

Lineups must contain pass-catchers from opposing teams

Click 'Save Result Set Strategy'. Lineups will be reloaded from the current player pool. Continue to change the options by clicking the 'Result Set Strategy' button as many times as needed to achieve your desired results.