1) Download Google Chrome (or Edge) on a Desktop device (MOBILE WILL NOT WORK):

Unfortunately, Chrome extensions are not compatible with the mobile Chrome browser.

2) Install the ESPN LeagueSync Google Chrome extension:

3) Login to ESPN fantasy in Google Chrome:

4) Login to in Google Chrome: 

a) Click "Create Custom League"

b) Click "ESPN"
c) Click "Logout of ESPN" if still logged in from previous years

d) Enter your ESPN username

e) Select the league you would like to sync

5) Refresh as needed

This initial setup does not need to be completed for each league you are in. After synching one league you can use any browser you like (including mobile) to sync your league.


Navigate to the extension within Chrome and click on it. The extension must show the green check mark before the first league can be synced.

If you do not have access to a device that is compatible with Google Chrome, please e-mail 4for4 support and we can assist you. Thanks for your patience as we work through helping everyone get their ESPN leagues synced.